Celebrate the game.

Few things are as satisfying as a round of drinks after playing 18 holes. While most golf clubs offer players a wide selection of beers and spirits, choices are somewhat limited when it comes to wine. It is for this very reason that we are proud to bring you The 19th - two exquisite wines that are reliable, affordable and, most importantly, carefully crafted to complement the game of golf.

After identifying the need for a wine at golf clubs that fits this description, we embarked on a journey to develop a product that would fulfill this very specific need. We conducted months of in-depth research in order to understand the true essence of the game, the players, their habits and traditions. Following many hours both on the course and in the clubhouse, it became clear that golf is not your average game. Golfers are not ordinary men and women leading ordinary lives – they are part of a passionate club who live and breathe their love for the game.

Having established this, it became our goal to create wines that would capture the class and quality of the sport and it was thus decided that The 19th would be introduced primarily through golf clubs and establishments where golfing enthusiasts could find this unique product.

With this very specific and discerning market in mind, we created 8 different sets of wines, each with its own unique shape, brand and label. We then presented these wines at 2 golf days, where 300 golfers got to view and taste the wines and recommend the combination that most appealed to them.

The 19th as you see it today is therefore not an idea that was conjured up in the minds of marketers; it was carefully developed and approved by the very people who get to enjoy it - wines truly made by golfers, for golfers.

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